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Over the past 5 years, B2ten has developed, implemented and continually refined a training model for amateur athletes providing them with a comprehensive approach to maximize their potential at the highest level of competition.

A business-like approach (“B” in B2ten) has been adopted throughout in order to place the expertise, tools and support required to enhance performance at the disposition of the athlete.
Financial support for B2ten invitees is provided by a diverse group of business leaders from across Canada. These individuals seek nothing in return being motivated solely by their desire that Canadian athletes receive the tools required to be their best.

At the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin I vividly remember while standing at the top of the mogul course that I was one hundred percent prepared. Having an incredible team of top sporting professionals available allowed me over a four year period to recover from chronic injuries and then go on to achieve results beyond even my wildest of dreams.

Since 2006, B2ten has provided many other Canadian high performance athletes across the country access to this individualized approach to sport preparing them for when the World comes to Canada in 2010.